KAS’M llc is a single-person owned and run business that creates small iOS Apps to help people.

Current available Apps on iOS:

  • Encouraging Words
    • Encouraging Words is an app that suggests Bible verses based on a list of topics for which the user would like to get help. The user is encourage to meditate on the verse and seek God’s wisdom.
  • PrayerWings
    • PrayerWings is an app that allows users to anonymously post prayer requests which can then be seen and prayed for by other users, and it allow you to pray for people in need. Since this app has not geographical boundaries, you could pray for someone on the other side of the world, and anyone from around the world could pray for your request.


What is KAS’M?

KAS’M (pronounced like chasm) has multiple meanings:

  • The sin of man has placed a huge KAS’M (or chasm) between God and man.  Sin separates man from God, and no matter what man does he cannot come to God.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the only bridge that can cross that chasm.  Anyone can cross the chasm by accepting the free gift of forgiveness on sin through Jesus Christ.
  • There are many thousands of iPhone Apps, but there are still many gaps in the types of apps that are available.  I refer to these gaps as KAS’M’s (or chasms) that I aim to fill.  My goal is not to just redo what’s been done, but to do something different — to fill the gap.

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